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February 14th, 2015

The Epic Marriage Fight Experience Where your spouse is
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Epic Marriage Fight Experience

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Life Love No Chaser - Feb, 2015
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The Poetry of Family

www.asianjournalusa.com / Page 6

Poetry, like a family, is full of emotion. It can multiply meanings for different people based on their past experiences. It can make you laugh, or cry. Poetry can spark an idea or feeling you have not felt in a long time, and it can help you express those feelings to others.




www.militarypress.org / Page 10

All relationships are challenging, but there are unique challenges that come with a military career. Nurturing and perserving a relationship from afar is one of those challenges.


OUR HOMETOWN - Feb, 2015

Is Your Relationship Like a Box of Chocolates?

www.ourhometownmag.com / Page 19

Just as we are often surprised by the flavor of a dry, crunchy nougat when we thought it was a smooth, chewy caramel, decisons we make about whom we date, marry or get involved with don't often turn out the way we planned. A little Q&A can resolve part of this enigma.


LIVING EAST - Sep, 2014

The Naked Truth


If partners in a relationship are not honest about their feelings, their opinions, their appearance, even their sexuality, Susan says they are destroying intimacy by not sharing. And she leaves no subject off limits, not even a man commenting on his wife's weight.



THE STAR NEWS - Feb, 2015

Love Yourself Before You Love Others


"Be your own Valentine. Take yourself out to dinner," said LeBron. "Let Valentine's Day be a day of valuing yourself and thinking about what you are looking for in a potential Valentine. Be the best person you can be to draw those people to you. And you know, have a good time."